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W. SMYTH Accident Repairs will professionally take care of you and your vehicle's car body repair via a complete car body repair service in Richhill, Armagh.


We've been providing car body and other car repairs in Armagh since 1979, so we're the obvoius choice when deciding who to trust with your vehicle repairs, if unfortunatley you've been involved in a vehicle collision, some other damage, or if you just need routine servicing and repairs.


Irrespective of who you’re insured with, We repair All makes of passenger vehicles and light commercial Vehicles, completing all repairs to the Original Manufacturer’s Specification.

Since we’re an Independent Repair Centre, we can configure the repair and indeed the whole processing of an insurance claim to suit your needs, explaining all the options available to your unique situation, at no extra expense to you.



We’re here to help


W. SMYTH Accident Repairs have a team of experienced staff who play an important role in providing accurate and detailed estimates, utilising insurance and manufacturer affiliated systems.


This can reduce the lead-time till completion of repairs, a speedy authorisation by an insurer, and even reduce the overall cost of repairs.




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