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W SMYTH Accident Repairs has built a solid reputation locally for vehicle damage repair. The business was founded in 1979 by William Smyth and has grown rapidly by investing in facilities to ensure quality of repair is of the highest standard and the customer service is second to none.  


This way of thinking has gained us respect from all our customers which in turn has enabled us to expand and to gain more contracts.


In our opinion you either repair correctly or you don't.  The staff at W Smyth’s is consistently developing repair methods, influenced by the changing manufacturers' construction techniques and standard repair methods. We also constantly monitor insurance industry requirements in order that we continue in good standing with insurance companies, brokers, accident management companies, fleet companies and the private motorist.


Being manufacturer and insurer approved for other companies is one thing, but our priority is you, the vehicle owner.  After all, it is the quality of repair and service that determines if you will have the confidence to trust now and in the future, even if you decide to change your insurer or vehicle.


With over 12,000 Sq Ft holding, we are able to work on an average of 30 vehicles per week ranging between consumer models through to LCV.



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