Know your rights


It's your car. Make sure it's in the right hands.


Mostly, insurance companies try to arrange your accident repair for you to keep costs down for their own interest.


This could mean that your car is repaired with non-original parts, using cheaper materials by a bodyshop which simply doesn't go that extra mile. As a result, your warranty could be invalidated, and the overall value of your vehicle reduced significantly.


You do not have to use your insurer's choice of repairer.


Your rights regarding this were confirmed by a directive from the Office of Fair Trading issued in 1993.


In the event of any accident, the Vehicle Owner ultimately has the choice of where the vehicle repairs are carried out.


Insurers must pay all reasonable costs to repair your property to satisfactory condition, at a competent repairer of Your Choice.



The facts you need to know that help you understand insurance claims...


  1. You are NOT required to get more than one estimate
  2. You may USE THE Repairer OF YOUR CHOICE for making repairs. You are NOT required to use any shops selected by an insurance claims adjuster.
  3. Only YOU, the Vehicle owner, can choose to authorise repairs on your car.
  4. Many insurance recommended body repair shops use aftermarket (non-Original) parts to repair your vehicle. We use 100% OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, so that you are guaranteed the original quality parts of from the vehicle manufacturer.




Not at Fault?


If the accident is not your fault, by law the innocent party is entitled to a similar sized replacement vehicle until the claim is resolved and the return of any other financial loss as a consequence of the damages.


There are many ways for you to pursue a claim against the ‘at-fault’ party, but our experienced staff can quickly understand your requirements and offer detailed advice that should be the best for you, taking the stress away from you and dealing with all aspects of your claim. 


We give a 100% Guarantee that you will receive the Best Service & Repair at NO extra expense.


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